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About US
INCEPTION in 1947:
Sarva Bharatiya Shiksha Peeth (SBSP) - (All India Council for Education,Training & Reseach) is an Independent Educational Institution, struggling hard for achieving Total Literacy in India since 1947, which had actually been taken birth in a small village Kothapalli of Rajahmahendri Taluk, East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh State with the name & style as "Godavari Shiksha Peeth (Godavari Training Institute-GTI)" by a Group of eminent Primary Teachers under the noble Leadership of Late Sri R.R.K.Rao.

From the day of inception itself, i.e., on 03-02-1947, this Institution had been marching ahead to produce thousands of "literates" through various Adult Educational Programs & Training Seminars / Rural Literacy Camps / Night Schools etc.. even in 'pre' and 'pro' Independence days.

Later, since 1992, under the new name & style as Sarva Bharatiya Shiksha Peeth (SBSP), this Institution has started its' service activities by establishing branches in various Cities & Towns of Andhra Pradesh as well as different places in other States of India with a particular motto "to empower the Nation with Education" and "to lit the minds of people with Literacy", especially under the effective inspiration of the new Education Policy of Govt. of India, 1986.

Since 2001, Council for Eradication of Scientific & Technical Illiteracy-CESTI, an Autonomous National Development Agency, with the similar Aims & Objectives, which is duly Registered under appropriate Government Act for its' statute existence, has taken up the Administration over SBSP, and there onwards, SBSP has been spreading wings to pave Golden Path across the Country from Kashmir to Kanya Kumari for the immense benefit of the Indian Citizens, who have a burning desire for the Total Literacy, by way of conducting Training Programs for various Courses of Study in Distance / Regular (face to Face) / Online modes, in association with different Recognized Boards/ Schools /Universities/ as well as Abroad Universities/ Reputed Registered Independent Institutions / Organizations etc.

As per the lawful bye-laws & Resolutions of CESTI, from time to time, various value added Programs in different Levels and in various faculties such as Engineering, Paramedical, Management, Hotel Management, Fire & safety, Fashion Technology, Teacher Education, Hotel Management, Sales & Retail Management, Marketing Management, Film & TV, Media & Journalism etc are being designed, in which various students are getting trained through online/Distance /Regular ( face-to-Face) modes and certified by SBSP itself.

Sarva Bharatiya Shiksha Peeth (SBSP) offers a Collaborative Learning Environment; Expert Faculty; and High-Quality programs in various levels of Study. One can Choose SBSP, without any hesitation, which delivers practical knowledge and strategies, so that he / she can use it immediately to advance either his / her present career or start a new one...


The term "Autonomous body" denotes a self governing body, independent, and subject to its own laws. If Autonomous Body or Institution is a company, it is regulated by the company law. If it is a society, it is governed by the law on registration of societies. But in both the cases, its own board of directors can specify the rules of business for the body / institution. For simplicity sake, normally the boards of such bodies or institutions may adopt the rules of the concerned Government or department under which they work, but only by passing of a resolution to that effect, and that since it is an autonomous body, administration of which is not controlled by any other authority including any State Govt. / Union Govt. of India, (U.G.I.)

SARVA BHARATIYA SHIKSHA PEETH ( SBSP ): IT'S CONSTITUTIONALITY & VALIDITY : (at the discretion of the other University / Government): Generally every lover of education asks the question what is the constitutionality and reliability of Sarva Bharatiya Shiksha Peeth (SBSP) or what sort of service or where the admission can be obtained by the students passing out from SBSP ?

The only clear answer to all such questions is that all the Educational Boards / Universities are Autonomous bodies. Hence It is left to the discretion of the University either to allow or refuse admission to a student from another University/ Board / Institution.

In this way, every State Government / Central Government is at liberty whether to provide Job / Service to a person, who has passed out from a particular University or Educational Board or Institution or not..??

Hence, the resultant actions would be at the sole discretion of other University/ Board/ Institution before accepting or rejecting SBSP Certification.


Regarding the question of Recognition, Sarva Bharatiya Shiksha Peeth (SBSP) is, at present, one of the leading Independent educational institutions of the Country, run by an Autonomous National Development Educational Agency, Registered under Government Act since 2001, as per the lawful Byelaws & Resolutions. It's courses are similar to such Programs, that are offered by various Universities and Educational Boards, as SBSP is strictly following the Syllabus, Curriculum & Nomenclatures, prescribed by University Grants Commission, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India.

And especially SBSP /CESTI are not awarding any Degree but offering various Diplomas / Programs in the level of Degree, PG & Post PG.

The successful students, produced by the similar Independent Institutions such as BSP, are serving in Government and as well as Private Organizations and gaining admissions in various Universities and Educational Boards, and they are successfully winning the present competitive World for the livelihood.

However, though Sarva Bharatiya Shiksha Peeth (SBSP) is not come under the purview of UGC/ AICTE/ AIU or any other Council since it's not a University, these Programs are well Recognized by Government of India (Director General of Employment &Training, Ministry of Labour & Employment) for Employment Registration in any State / UT ( No: DGE&T-U-11011/9/ 2013-EE-1/12.09.2013) as it's an Independent Literacy Institution, promoted by an Autonomous Organization, Registered under Government Act.


Sarva Bharatiya Shiksha Peeth (SBSP) had been legally established as an Independent Institution, and the activities of SBSP are now governed by the lawful Bye-Laws and Resolutions of CESTI, an Autonomous National Development Agency, Registered under Government Act.

The Registration of the names of job seekers, having Certificates from CESTI, in the Indian Employment Exchanges, is ordered to be allowed by Government of India, Director General of Employment & Training, Ministry of Labor & Employment, New Delhi vide No.DGE &T-U-11011/9/2013-EE-1/12.09.2013 and hence, the Certificates, issued by SBSP /CESTI are being approved for Employment Registration in the Employment Exchanges of all States / UTs of INDIA, in terms of NES MINUTES vide EEM No:1/2010/ Pt.I-VII/ 7.9 dated 30-09-2010.

As such, our students are being benefitted in getting jobs @ various employing Agencies/ Establishments.


Many of the students, who have been Trained and Certified by SBSP /CESTI are getting Chances for Abroad Placements also.

The Certifications awarded by SBSP/ CESTI are being authenticated by MEA (Ministry of External Affairs), Government of India by way of Attestation (Stamping or Apostille).

As such many of the Gulf Countries and as well as European Countries and the Countries in other continents such as USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa etc are also accepting the students of SBSP/ CESTI for Employment & Higher Education in their Territories at the discretion of the Employer/ Educational Institutions concerned.

ACCREDITATION from IAO SBSP is accredited by INTERNATIONAL ACCREDITATION ORGANIZATION-IAO (under process ) for International Recognition, Reputation and Standards.


Sarva Bharatiya Shiksha Peeth (SBSP) is also not in receipt of any grant-in-aid either from the Government or from the University Grants Commission, so far. Therefore, naturally the UGC Act does not applicable to SBSP.

SBSP is a minority Institution, and hence it must have absolute freedom to run its activities under Article 30 of the Constitution of India.

Viewed at from the fulfillment of provisions of the articles 14, 19(1), 21, 29, 30, 45, 46, 344 & 351 of the Indian Constitution 1950, the motto, existence, objectives of SBSP are nothing but a matter of appreciation.

Legal action against NCTE, AICTE, UGC and Government of India for making a false adver-tisement/ propaganda against BSP,UP (a similar Institution) is already under consideration in the Honorable High Court of Judicature, U.P, India.

The Honorable High Court, UP, has already granted a stay order on the Writ Petition filed by a similar Institution, vide WP No. 744/91, under which that Institution has been automatically permitted to carryout it's educational activities from day to day and also under R.S.No.336/98 the defendants have been ordered not to call, proclaim or treat the Plaintiffs as an unrecognized University etc.

Under the Human Rights Protection Act, 1993, the Autonomous bodies like BSP/ SBSP have been given special protection. (AIR 1993 SC 2178.)


Sarva Bharatiya Shiksha Peeth (SBSP) is associated with NATIONAL SKILL DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (NSDC) of GOVERNMENT of INDIA in offering various SKILL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS through a premier Educational Consultancy Services.


Sarva Bharatiya Shiksha Peeth (SBSP) is deeply moved & Inspired by the New Education Policy of Govt. of India-1986, and as such, it has established many Associate Training Institutes for providing Job-oriented Training for the Youth, especially in Rural Areas in different self-employable Trades such as Hotel & Tourism, Electrician, TV & Radio Technician, AC & Refrigeration, Beautician, Retail & Sales Management, Fashion Technology, Fire & Safety, TV & Film Technology etc.


The concept of Distance Education had been originally originated from Berlin (Germany) in 1856.

Afterwards, Russia granted recognition to the system of Distance Education in the world.

In this manner, the idea of Open Universities was conceived by the British Prime Minister Mr. Harold Wilson in the year 1863 to provide an opportunity to the persons, who were otherwise denied opportunities for further education and as such to make their academic life successful.

In 1969, under the Royal Charter, an Open University was established, and the success of which, was more far reaching than the Traditional Universities.

Under the new Education Policy 1986, the Government of India laid particular stress on the system of Open Universities and Distance Education.

Sarva Bharatiya Shiksha Peeth (SBSP) is fortunate enough to draw the necessary guidance, direction, cooperation, involve- ment & encouragement from educationists, professors and social workers of the country for effective & successful implementation of the Distance as well as Online Courses. It is their unanimous opinion that SBSP has given practical shape to the concept of the British Prime Minister Harold Wilson by providing Open and Distance Education to the students of under privileged sections and encouraged the democratic spirit to take deeper education in to the depths of the rural India.


Sarva Bharatiya Shiksha Peeth (SBSP) is the outcome of the dreams of a Visionary, Late Shri RRK Rao, who had a desire to create an education system, where even a deprived background student will get an equal opportunity and motivation to learn and receive such an effective education system in order to become an achiever par excellence.

Sarva Bharatiya Shiksha Peeth (SBSP) is strongly wedded to orienting education, capable of meeting the rapidly changing needs and challenges of the Universe at large and of India in particular. This sort of education is an organized attempt to help the people to become intelligent, self-reliant, able to face the real life situations and have an economic & ethical relevance to the Society.

We, at Sarva Bharatiya Shiksha Peeth (SBSP) evolved and adopted the teaching programs, requiring the students to undergo the rigor of the professional world in forms as well as in substance providing them an opportunity to apply their class-room knowledge to live situations. Thus, we are struggling to build the long needed bridge between the "professional world" and "the educational world".


All the Programs, run by Sarva Bharatiya Shiksha Peeth (SBSP) in different levels of Study & Training are under the Syllabus, Curriculum & Nomenclatures, guided by UGC / AICTE/ NCTE/ NCERT and other concerned COUNCILS of Government of India, as such, all these programs can automatically be acceptable universally.

The Curriculum of these Courses are being revised by SBSP from time to time, keeping the Industry requirements in view, as such, the modern Subjects & Technologies, which are empowering the student to develop the latest skills, are adopted, so as to enable the student to update him / herself with day to day professionalism, besides keeping an eye on the syllabus and other curriculum prescribed from time to time by UGC & AICTE, Government of INDIA for the equivalent Programs, though SBSP is not covered under UGC Act.


One of the most popular flexibilities provided in SBSP's Educational Structures is that the INDUSTRY & INSTITUTION INTEGRATED COLLABORATIVE EDUCATION PROGRAM (IICEP).

We have introduced some value added programs and also designed the course structure in such a way, where a student can earn while.. learning.. and learn while.. working.


Through the wide network of INFORMATION & GUIDANCE CENTERS- IGCs of SBSP, all these Programs under various modes, are being / going to be / implemented very effectively throughout India and Outside the Country, as a result of which, it is very much possible for every working student to achieve a Program in Diploma/ Graduate/ PG /post PG level, while working in Industry / Institution itself, within a reasonable period of time.


And also SBSP has Industry tie-ups with various Companies, Financial & Educational Institutions, Banks, Clinics, Hospitals, Hotels and other Establishments to give HANDS-ON INDUSTRY EXPOSURE TRAINING to the IICEP students, where SBSP takes up the responsibility of "educating them under the Syllabus & Curriculum, prescribed for the Program from time to time, that he/ she pursues".


Sarva Bharatiya Shiksha Peeth (SBSP) has a unique system of 'multi-entry & multi-exit' Programs. In this system, a 10+2 student can enter in the Bachelor's Program, and after completion of one year study, he can exit with a Diploma Certification or continue for 2 / 3 more years to achieve his/ her Bachelor's Program Certification.


The discontinued students of Other Boards/ Universities/ Autonomous Organizations can also enter the same Course under this system, after some time, from where they had left, such Admission is called as CREDIT TRANSFER ADMISSION. The same Mechanism works for Post Graduation level Programs too.


The Examination Pattern of Sarva Bharatiya Shiksha Peeth (SBSP) is generally based on the guidelines given by UGC, Government of India, which ensures that understanding & knowledge of the student is extensively tested by way of more objective and less theoretical questions, preserving 30 % marks for the Practical examinations with an aim to focus on not only subject knowledge but also skill development for the both career building and Professional Expertise. And also the Examination centers fixed by SBSP shall be Reputed Institutions, within the reachable distance to the students.

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