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Training Classes
We understand that motivating your employees to face and accept new challenges and to flourish is indeed a Herculean task.

This intensifies the need for education, training and development. Honing up the existing skills and acquiring specialized skills, is a perpetual requirement. We offer you an entire portfolio to choose from diverse training programs that will address your needs at all levels. Our customized programs can be linked with the performance assessment, providing opportunities of vertical and lateral growth for employees.

Industry experts as faculty

Our faculty is drawn from a diversified pool of highly experienced industry professionals and academicians. Their different background and vast experience provide valuable insights into the dynamic and challenging world of business.

Interactive Training at corporate premises

We go one step ahead in making you comfortable. We come and train at your premises so that you are comfortable in your own premises and the transfer of learning takes place at a faster rate.

Case studies, work shops and presentations

The pedagogy of the course would facilitate the participants to learn from three equally important sources of knowledge self leaning, learning through interaction with the faculty and among the participants. It includes case-studies, role-plays, interactive classroom simulations, work-shops, group exercises and presentations.

Outcome analysis

No training is complete without a feedback for both the trainer and the trainee. At the end of the training, we will go ahead and give you an in-depth analysis about the shortcomings that you might have. This will help you in overcoming your deficiencies in your career and personal life.

Why training classes are necessary?

Most new managers feel as though they have been thrown into the middle of the ocean without a life jacket. Mastering managerial skills will provide managers with the confidence and skills required to manage themselves as well as the team. We have also designed the program in a way that will provide intensive input for the more experienced manager. The training programs serve as a sharpening tool to sharpen the essential lessons which can be applied to real life circumstances

Benefits of attending the Training Classes

Regular attendance of the training classes enabling students to :

  • Gain in-depth understanding of the subject covered.
  • Understand the concepts well.
  • Understand the examination pattern and obtain tips on preparing well for examinations through the mock tests.
  • Discuss and clear doubts and queries pertaining to the topics covered in the subjects.
  • Get into a disciplined mode and regular study.

The training classes are need based and are conducted subject to registration of minimum number of students. For more details students are requested to contact the respective Information Centers.

SBSP/ CESTI conducts Training Classes prior to the Term End Examinations. The Training Classes are conducted in all the cities listed in the website /

The Training Classes are optional but highly recommended since they encourage peer interaction amongst the students and an opportunity to clarify doubts related to the examination or curriculum. SBSP/ CESTI do not guarantee or comment on the standards of their teaching or service to the students.

Students, who plan to attend the training classes are required to pay training fee at the time of enrollment as per training fee mentioned in the fee structure. If you are seeking training, You are advised to wait for confirmation from the SBSP/CESTI that you are eligible for the course of your choice before paying training fees.

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